Mexico Hermoso

I am always up for a girls' trip and Isla did not disappoint. Isla Mujeres is a charming,

Mexican island northeast of Cancun with sugar sand, clear salty water, and gente amistosa. I was looking forward to sun, sand, cocktails, and some Texas Country music thanks to Larry Joe Taylor, Josh Abbott, and the Tejas Brothers. Shopping was just a possibility after the sunshine, pina coladas, and music. However, plans changed after a stroll down Calle Hidalgo. After visiting with local vendors and artisans, we could not shop enough!

In addition to fabulous finds along Hidalgo Street, there are delicious restaurants, fire eating Mayans, and fun-loving, tequila-drinking hombres. Ladies, if you are in need of a tequila-drinking hombre that will call you his Queen, I will point you in the right direction!

We enjoyed our time in paradise, but, sadly, tropical vacations must come to an end. At the conclusion of our Isla trip, we had two dilemmas. My new amigo, Moses, assured me that my numerous newspaper and duct-taped wrapped packages would not pose a problem because NO ONE cares what is taken out of Mexico. He was partially correct. The small packages made it through without a blink, but my beloved Aquaphor was confiscated! Packages that resemble illegal substances are bueno, but, lip ointment is NO bueno! Thankfully, my over FIFTY pounds’ issue, was resolved when the kind American Airlines ticket agent from Canada lugged my bag onto the conveyor without charging me the dreaded fine.

Handcrafted sandals, one-of-a-kind painted boxes and crosses, jewelry, pompoms

galore, hand embroidered pillows, and “man-made” mermaids all made it across our southern border. After our brick and mortar opens, stop by and see our “man-made” mermaids. I miss my new amigos, the sun, the sand, the day drinking, and the colorful Calle Hidalgo. So I must return this winter to enjoy Isla while seeking more small, wrapped packages. Hasta la proxima vez, Mexico!

P.S., Javier, if you are reading this, Lisa is bringing you mas cerveza.

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